Business Philosophy & Ethical Management

Business Philosophy


We are committed to excellence — in the results we achieve and in how we achieve them:
Do our jobs right every time
Focus on what’s important
Raise the bar and deliver continuous process improvement
Innovate and execute flawlessly


Operate ethically
Take responsibility for our actions
Follow through on commitments
Communicate in an honest and authentic manner
Respect confidentiality
Respect for People

Ethical Management

Our values are the fundamental resource that asserts our business making style at first cure pharma; and Ethical Management is one of our most important values.

Our Ethical Management approach is based on our corporate values and business principles while we have been performing our activities successfully for many years.

Our Work Ethics Principles not only protect our corporation and employees but also serve as a guide that helps us see the way in the light of all our decisions and activities beyond laws, regulations and procedures.