Firfil Hair lotion

All nutrients that essential for the health of scalp and hair.
Stimulates Hair Growth improve circulation
Maintains and regulates Sebum Production


Pumpkin extract - L-arginine - Castor oil - Garlic oil - Jojoba oil - Wheat germ oil
Rosemary oil - Aloe Vera extract – Tocopherol – panthenol

Stop hair falling & encourage length and strength
Effective in androgenic & non- androgenic alopecia
Improve circulation by peripheral Vasodilatation
Stimulate Follicular cell division
Clean the scalp & regulate Sebum Production
Moisturizer & the hair repairer
Potent antioxidant
Dosage & Application:
Spray the lotion onto the scalp and rub gently 2 times daily


Spray bottle of 120 ml